Promotion and Tenure Guide

UCEA Retention, Tenure and Promotion Guidebook

UCEA Retention, Tenure and Promotion Guidebook

At the request of the 2017 UCEA Executive Committee, this UCEA Guidebook on Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP) was developed by a group of senior and emeriti professors who have spent decades in academia and have been dedicated leaders in the field of educational leadership.  In addition, to maintain an intergenerational approach and to honor diversity, we invited UCEA’s Executive Committee members to review or coauthor selected chapters.  Thus, The Guidebook presents the readership with the enriching viewpoints of a representative group of professors in our field. 

The Guidebook does not supplant nor does it promote a certain platform for retention, tenure, and promotion (RTP) reviews.  The users are encouraged to see this as a guide or a blueprint explaining what to expect before and while undergoing RTP review processes.  Each institution, program, department, college, or unit may have its own set of guidelines that dictate its expectations.  Such policies or regulations determine the criteria and procedures that an individual seeking RTP must follow.  The Guidebook simply intends to provide extra support that faculty may need to pursue a successful career development path.  In addition, advice is made available for senior faculty, chairs, deans, provosts, and so on involved in the RTP process. 

The document below is the most current version of the RTP Guidebook and includes modest revisions received from the UCEA 2017 Plenum.

UCEA Guidebook on Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP)