Jackson Scholars Network

Jackson Scholars Network

The UCEA Barbara L. Jackson Scholars Network began in November 2003, created by a vote of the members of the UCEA Plenum. This two-year program provides formal networking, mentoring and professional development for graduate students of color who intend to become professors of educational leadership.

Through this significant effort, UCEA has facilitated the development of a robust pipeline of faculty and graduate students of color in the field of educational leadership. As a result, Barbara Jackson Scholars and Alumni enhance the field of educational leadership and UCEA with their scholarship and expertise.

Dr. Barbara L. Jackson (1928-2012)

How UCEA’s Jackson Scholars Network connects future leaders

Provides doctoral students of color with a system of support –

across all UCEA member institutions – from the completion of academic requirements to their entrance into professorial roles, through:

  • Modeling mentoring experiences and professorial practices necessary to promote successful transition into the professoriate
  • Ensuring the presence of faculty of color in UCEA educational leadership programs in numbers sufficient to assure these programs reflect the diversity of our society and schools

Enhances the university’s ability to recruit people of color into K-12 administrative programs to address the need for a larger pool of K-12 administrators of color.

Demonstrates UCEA’s commitment to diversity, equity, and social justice, through mentoring, knowledge sharing, and educational opportunities.