Job Search Handbook

UCEA Job Search Handbook

The UCEA Job Search Handbook is an online resource for aspiring educational leadership faculty members and the advisors and institutions that prepare them. The handbook includes a variety of tips, strategies, suggestions, documents, and other useful resources, and is intended to enhance the quality of the job search process for educational leadership faculty candidates (whether novice or experienced).

Please click on the links below to access the content of the handbook. In this second edition, there is information useful for both doctoral students and experienced faculty members who are changing institutions. There is also a new section that includes tips and suggestions for search chairs and committees. 

Handbook Sections

To download the complete handbook here.

  1. Pre-planning
  2. The application
  3. The invitation to interview
  4. After the interview
  5. Negotiations
  6. After you’ve been hired
  7. Other thoughts
  8. Example job search documents
  9. Helpful resources
  10. Suggestions for search chairs and committees

Contributors to the 2021 Handbook

The 2021 handbook team consisted of four experienced educational leadership faculty members and four recent faculty job-seekers.

  • Scott McLeod, University of Colorado Denver
  • Jayson W. Richardson, University of Denver
  • Elisabeth Avila Luévanos, Texas A&M University
  • Julia Mahfouz, University of Colorado Denver
  • Katherine Cumings Mansfield, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
  • Cailen M. O’Shea, North Dakota State University
  • Shanté Stuart McQueen, Portland State University
  • Anjalé Welton, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Citation: McLeod, S., Richardson, J. W., Luevanos, E. A., Mahfouz, J., Mansfield, K. C., O’Shea, C. M., Stuart McQueen, S., & Welton, A. (2021). UCEA job search handbook: Tips and techniques for aspiring faculty [2nd ed.].